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Single Tag Printer

Single Tag Printer with Thread


A tag printer for the apparel industry with a clear print. Threaded price tags can be printed as is. This printer is the World’s No. 1 for beautiful printing.

Main Features
High Speed Printing (150mm/sec.)
Optimized efficient production through high speed operation from feed to print.
Easy to Replace Ribbon Cassette
The ribbon is set by using a cassette that is removable from the machine, for fast ribbon replacement.
Clear Detailed Printing (equal to 300dpi)
A high quality, high resolution print equal to 300dpi.
Stable Paper Feeding Mechanism

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Printer Specification
Printing Method
Thermal transfer method
Feeding Method
A nail forwarding separation roller feeding
Print Speed
Dot Density / Printing Resolution
12dots/mm (equal to about 300dpi)
Tag Size
(W)20-110mm (L)40-150mm
Printing Area
Printed Letter Amplification Rate
An integer rate of 1-16 times
Letter Direction
Can turn 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
USB2.0, RS-232C, Ethernet
AC200V±-10% 50/60Hz
Maximum Electricity Consumption
300VA or less
Body Size
22.7kg (at standard specs)
JAN8, JAN1, 2 of 5(ITF)UPC-E, NW-7, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, 2-Dimensions (Veri Code/ Data Code/ QR Code/ PDF417)
Environmental Conditions
Should be used in:
Temperatures ranging 5℃-35℃
Humidity ranging 35%-85%
A clean place with little change in temperature or humidity.