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Measuring instrument that applies the Archimedes' principle.

Automatic Hydrometer

The measuring instrument "Automatic Hydrometer SP-series" which applies the Archimedes' principle.
The accurate data can be obtained with simple operation.Good for sectors such as basic research on new material development and where specific gravity measurement is essential including quality control.
High-end hydrometer equipped with the advance functions such as full automatic operation with one button.

Main Features
Display of all measurement items
The below data are screen displayed on top of the weight.Data, Lot number, Liquid temperature, Weight of hook, Specif gravity of sample, Aerial/Underwater weight
Supports versatile measurements required
Various measurement modes are equipped as standard.Weight measurement, specific gravity measurement, swelling measurement and liquid measurement as option are availbe This single unit can be used in various fields as it is.

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  • SP-GR1
  • Simple Manual
SP-GR1 Specification
Data processPersonal computer
Measurement itemsSolid weight, Specific gravity, Volume,
Aerial weight after swelling, Underwarter weight after swelling,Volume change ratio,
Weight change ratio and Liquid specific gravity (Optional)
Input itemsDate, sample name, Lot number, Liquid temperature,
Hook weight (Automatic),Washing frequency,
Dwell time, Pre-swelling voliume (Automatic),
Pre-swelling weight (Automatic) and Volume of float (optinal)
DisplayLCD monitor
Display contentsMeasurement items, Each data of input items
All data value of the measurement results after completion
PrinterLine thermal printer 58mm wide thermal roll paper
Dimension of table340 (W) x 480 (D) x 475 (H)
Hight of water bath100mm vertical stroke (excursion)
PowerAdaptable to local voltage with the step-down transformer
Weighing PartsWeighing 120g, Electronic balance with read limit 0.1mg
Standard accessories500cc glass beaker x1, Sample holder x1 (Piercing type, Clip type)
Glass thermometer, Thermometer holder
OptionGlass float (for measurement of liquid specific gravity),
Custom order sample holder, Custom order hole drilled plate etc.

※Specifications and others are subject to change without notice for performace improvement

Sintered metal related
Sintered metal related
For qualityinspection and control of compression density
ex.) Discovery of the pinhole
Precious metal relatred
Precious metal relatred
Purity judgement and discrimination of gold, platinum, silver and etc.
Ceramic and glass Industries
Ceramic and glass Industries
For research of componment mixing ratio and density inspection of pre and post firing.

Soil quality, civil engineering inspection
Soil quality, civil engineering inspection
For insection of JIS Standard pass/fail
ex.) Density inspection of the test piece such as concrete, asphalt
Stealmaking and metal related
Stealmaking and metal related
For quiality test of the product
Chemical industry related
Chemical industry related
For the research of physical properties associated with product development

Rubber and plastic Fields
Rubber and plastic Fields
For quality inspection at manufacturing process and
basic research of new product development
Wood, Cork and building materials
Wood, Cork and building materials
Use for those related to performance, construction
method and applications depending on the specific gravity
For measurement of the specific gravity of substances lighter than water